pondering the basement bar

We recently purchased our first home.  (Tomorrow marks one month of being moved in!)  It’s actually a condo, but it’s more along the lines of a duplex.  To us, it feels like a single family home.  The place was built in 2007, so luckily there aren’t any structural issues that need our attention yet–just a little list of things here and there that will be addressed as time goes on.  We could probably tackle that list in a day, dust our hands off, and be content with the house, as-is.

But that won’t be happening.  I’ve been hunkered down in apartments for years, clicking through blog after blog, admiring people’s home renovations and dreaming of the day that I would be able to make permanent changes in a house without fear of losing my security deposit.  Now it’s my turn!  I get to make permanent changes!

…Permanent changes?  Sounds serious.  Sounds scary.  I no longer have the fear of losing my security deposit.  Now I have the fear of paint colors looking awful.  Now I have the fear of tile looking sloppy.  Now I have the fear of sinking money into a project that ends up being a failure.

Even though I fear that I’m going to ruin our house, I’m going to make some changes anyways!  And I cannot wait.  I have BIG plans!  I have have been looking everywhere for inspiration!  I am probably incredibly naive of the costs!

Here’s one area that I’ve been thinking a lot about:







The lack of light down here really brings out the beauty of the cement walls, exposed pipe and wires, and the pretty pink insulation.  Here is what we’re considering for our bar room:

Matte black painted, exposed ceilings

(clockwise from top left: unknown, 2, 3)

Faux brick wall

(clockwise from top left: 123)

or pallet wall

(clockwise from top left:  123)

Some type of tile/flooring that can take a spill.  Painted concrete?  Porcelain or ceramic tile that looks like wood?

(clockwise from top left: 1, 234)

I’m also considering some cool light fixtures, floating shelves, and a sink+counter.  We discovered that this room does have access to water, so that’s a huge bonus!  Having a wet bar in here wasn’t super necessary to us, but it would be a nice addition.  I’m not sure what steps we need to take before we begin…there’s exposed insulation, the back of the fireplace is exposed, the cement walls are far from smooth, there are a ton of wires everywhere…We need to dig around in this room a little bit more and we definitely need to do a lot of research before anything happens.

I’m confident that even though we’re inexperienced, we can do a lot of this by ourselves.  On the cheap.  Fingers crossed.



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